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About me

My name is Vilesh Keshav Ramnath, thus my pen name becomes V.R.KESH so is the address of this blog. At one point in time, I was a technology evangelist because I loved technology for the perks it offered. It simplified a lot of things for humanity. At last we ended up depending on technology for quasi everything to the point we became so attached to it.

One day, I left everything. I detached myself from everything and everyone. This is when my training started. I took it as a training, little did I know about what I was doing. I delved deep into the occult and mystical teachings. I wanted to know more about existence and also about my existence, about my purpose and destiny. I invested my time to read almost 70% of all books in the category of occult and mysticism. People consulted me for issues cropping up in their life and in return I helped them and asked nothing, nor expecting to get something. Well, the years taken to understand and become that which I am; I lived in financial misery. Understanding that money is just an instrument in this material world. I didn’t touch money for like 3 years, neither did business nor worked for someone else.

Then there was nothing to be learned from books because books were written by people who weren’t spiritual enough, nor nourished their soul with light. I stopped reading; I preferred delving in meditation, deep within myself because all the answers and light I was seeking to share with others was and still is within my soul. When I detached myself completely from this world and its people, only one connection remained—that with the Supreme Soul. Call me whatever you want, an author, a mystic, a healer, an artist, an astrologer, a modern sadhu.

I am just merely an instrument of light doing my work here on this planet. I will not be here for a long time, though. Time is limited, and a lot needs to be done. I am chopping wood to warm up the lives of other people and carrying water to quench their thirst.

This body is the most advanced technology I ever encountered. I am spirit. I am soul. I am light. Come to me when you seek light, I shall show you the way and nothing more.

I am an instrument of Divine Light.

On my YouTube channel you shall find meditation soundtracks, mantra meditation and other short vlogs.

On this blog you shall find all the articles, news, products, services and courses I am offering to humanity.

I am not very active on social media, so I shall tell you my secret. I prefer engaging with others in my newsletter where you get tons of free stuffs and direct contact with me. Even if you have contacted me on social media, I will try my best to answer you.

That is all I can tell you about me. Trust me or not, it doesn’t matter. Consider me a charlatan or a conman. It still doesn’t matter. Trust yourself because through that, you can trust others. If you’re living through your truest self, you shall perceive the truth in what I say.

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