About me

Who is me? Who am I? A question that stirs my soul to dive deep into the ocean of nothingness to find me.

Buddhist monks spend a lifetime pondering upon this same question, inspired by Gautama Buddha himself as this question lead him to attain enlightenment.

I cannot say who am I, neither can I identify myself with what I do. So, I am. I exist in this present moment.

My name is Vilesh and since my early ages I kept seeking and pondering about life’s greatest mysteries as such who am I or why we are here? Questions, answers and experiences, but that wasn’t enough. Until I found something, it was my purpose to serve others, to seek light and freely pass it on to others.

I am a writer by profession, and I write about personal transformation, for fun I write stories. Apart from just writing, I counsel and coach people working on themselves. I started working on the creation of courses to serve more people at the same time, leaving me plenty of free time to do a lot more.

As a warrior of light, I usually take part as a healer during healing sessions with groups or individuals.

Ever since my childhood, I had a strange obsession of exploring my inner self. Unconsciously I was attuned to a state of mind that we call meditation. That’s right, I meditate everyday.

There’s very little I can say about me because my ego vanished.

I am just an instrument of light.