Acceptance as a catalyst for spiritual evolution

From V.R. KESH

When experiencing this strange phenomenon called life, in the beginning through observation, it is in our human nature to compare ourselves with other people, species and the mechanism of nature.

In this comparison, we tend to ponder on our own situation, status, and conditions of life.

He has a big house and I don’t; She has a beautiful husband and I’m single; That person has a high profile job and I am jobless. These are a few of the multitude of things every one of us tends to ponder upon — every day.

Emotions such as jealousy and envy erupt from our heart because we want to have what we don’t and want to become what we are not. Clouded by our own emotions because we are emotional beings, we drift away from our path and purpose.

Even our agenda changes and at last, we are striving to become the second version of someone else. There’s a thing called inspiration, but here it has become an obsession. An obsession to be like someone else like an idol, an actor or a business tycoon, or to obtain something not without our grasp.

When obsessing over someone else, it is our energy field that gets disrupted, because we were not meant to be like the other.

When you strive to be the first version of yourself, uniquely built — I call that you’ve accepted yourself unconditionally.

Only when one accepts his or her existence can that person truly discover their true nature, as well as true purpose in life.

We all have come here on Earth, to contribute to something larger than ourselves, specifically to humanity. When you accept your existence, you accept yourself fully — the gifts that were imparted to you by the Divine will start to come into the limelight.

When you accept the fact that your current situation in life is a crucial aspect in helping you transcend and move towards higher dimensions of life, it is called a new birth because you have self-realized.

What has been self-realized cannot be un-realized. Likewise, what has already been seen by your eyes cannot be unseen.

Accept yourself unconditionally, you’ll live in joy for the rest of your life.

Accept the way you are, because that is you — unique in every way.

Accept yourself unconditionally, you’ll integrate life through your own unique means.

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