Contribute to something bigger than yourself

Contribution is an act performed by the egoless.
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Contribution is an act performed by the egoless. Man with ego cannot contribute to anything — he desires only to build things for himself and for other so he can profit from it.

When you want to make a contribution then something stops you from doing it — it is called the ego. There are thousands of ways to kill the ego namely: sex, drugs, prayer, being a slave, etc . . .

The ultimate form of killing the go happens when you serve others deeply from your heart without expecting something in return.

It is in that momentum, when you contribute to something bigger than yourself — humanity, that the ego starts to melt and flowers of blissfulness, eternal love and empathy starts to grow from your heart.

Be in servitude to others through contribution, be it financially, by investing your time and energy or simply by going out and spreading the word about it.

Contribution is the starting point of melting the ego that separates us from the Divine Source Energy.

True spiritual experience will happen only after the ego has melted down completely.

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