Debut Novel Jewels Of God In Exotic Tales Series Available On Amazon Free For 5 Days

Jewels Of God – An Unexpected Journey by V.R. KESH

After 8 months of learning the craft of storytelling, the story is now ready for readers to immerse themselves in.

It has been a long journey with lots of challenges on the way, now it gets easier to create more amazing stories.

The story forms part of a series called Exotic Tales under which all my future stories are going to be published.

About Book

An orphan gets hold of a divine tool. Seeking a breakthrough, as a historical archaeologist, he finds himself walking on a thin line. The why’s and how’s of existence always lingered on his mind, flowing freely. An upheaval materializes on his palms the Divine Jewel of God, unknowingly he embarks on a journey to meet his fate. His life path unexpectedly unfolds in front of him deep down the undiscovered regions of the Earth.
My existence here will be ephemeral

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The story can be read during coffee breaks, on commuting to work or just before bed in less than 2 hours.

As from 10th December 2020, for 5 days the book will be available for free on Amazon Kindle Select. Make sure you get it before the promotion ends.

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