Silence — No speak fasting

Everything is energy.

Our throat has the power to create or manifest energy.

But did you know that by speaking you are actually losing tonnes of energy, be it you are speaking casually, in meetings, with your cherished one, or delivering a speech.

90% of our speech is pre-programmed, if you notice the words that you use on a daily basis while talking to others, there’s a great possibility that most of those words would be repeating themselves over and over again.

And what happens when the same things play over and over again? The brain goes into a whirlpool. Resulting in headaches, migraines, dizziness, or fogginess upon your mental state.

I know this will not sound practical but it is something real. Try not speaking at all, not even a word uttered from your mouth for one hour a day and analyse the results you get.

Next, try not speaking for 4 hours a day. I guess you can try to do it during weekends when you literally do no work and try to relax at home or somewhere else. Just be silent. 4 hours will pass by like nothing, just find something to do that doesn’t require you talking at all like watching a movie, writing, painting, drawing, gardening or anything else that doesn’t require the throat to be active.

Being silent is a technique to clear the throat chakra from negative energies, emotions and toxicities being blocked that’d been accumulated over time.

If you try to figure out why people do not listen to you or the thing that you say doesn’t even mean something to others, it would be one of a hell of a difficult and time-consuming task as you’ll be lost forever in pondering upon that aspect of life only.

It is recommended by yogis, saints and spiritual masters to remain silent. Silence was at the beginning of creation. The Supreme created everything is silence, so why not you remain silent and gain positive and transformative results?

If you struggle with meditation, start with keeping a silence fasting at least 4 hours a day.

Remaining silent doesn’t just clear the throat from various ailments, but it helps to clear the mental state as well. As you remain silent you’ll start to notice that your thinking pattern has changed, or you could even notice that there is no thought at all in your mind which is why you would want to remain silent and talk in sign languages . . .

Slowly, cultivating silence will take over your entire existence, your aura, your environment, your belongings, well everything that is connected to you will have that silence in it.

Silence in other words, literally in this world means PEACE. What else would you want if you had peace? I mean, nothing else would please you if you had peace. Peace or silence is a need for every human, and we ignore this need over seeking for wants. Wants which when obtained serves little to no purpose and then you create more wants.

Silence is a need. Silence helps you seek more of what you need and less of what you want.

Silence helps you attain mental clarity over some period of time, you should be consistent in your practice.

Silence helps you discover who you truly are deep within your soul.

In silence only can you create.

Silence is healing.

Silence is art.

Silence is the absence of — sound.

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